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Serenity Cove

The fictional town of Serenity Cove boasts of beautiful sunsets and roaring waves. The townspeople are as varied as the stars that shine on its diamond crusted-sea. Shoreview Drive provides a scenic drive along the coast. Although, most residents simply call it the coastal road.  

Main Street is the home of unique shops that add to the charm and flavor of Serenity Cove. Magnolia’s Antiques, The Sea Glass Bookshop, The Julia's Coffee Shop. Rubi's Diner, and Serenity Blooms graces the opposite side of the street, along with the old fashioned barbershop and Beverly’s Hair and Nail Spa. Oh, I almost forgot Scoops, the hand-made ice cream shop. Every shop comes complete with an owner, and that’s where the fun and drama begins.

The seaside cottages spread out along the coastal road. Dr. Ellie lives in one of the cottages, and serves to help many of the residents resolve some deep seeded issues. Detective Zack Johnston manages to find a cottage for rent and ends up living near Jezzica Leigh. Their story unfolds in the second Serenity Cove novel, Tangerine Morning.

Logan Delatorre is the chief of police and runs MCPD with a tight fisted approach, not so much. One reader commented on Logan's proposal to Samantha Forrester. “I just finished the story! Oh, that proposal was sooooooooooo romantic!” So there is plenty of romance in the breezy ocean air, but also a huge element of hope in the Serenity Cove Novels. 

Serenity Cove Community Church sets on a rolling knoll and overlooks much of the small town. Pastor Jim not only watches over the members of his congregation, but he visits and offers words of encouragement to anyone who might be in need of them. When a fire threatens Main Street, Pastor Jim sits in the hospital, as a fireman fights for his life after being injured. Secrets unfold as the whole town rallies to the aid of the injured fireman and his family.

Serenity Cove is a contemporary town where people are still good neighbors and family and friends are an important part of everyday life. Where life is a step back in time, blending the best of both worlds. Even a town as wonderful as Serenity Cove has its villains, but you’ll need to wait for the novels to read about those.

Life often takes us on paths that are filled with twists and turns that cause us to struggle and sometimes lose our way. Through Christ we always find hope. This is the basis of the stories that take place in Serenity Cove. The character’s that take center stage will climb right into the reader's heart and having you cheering them on.


              Where is Serenity Cove located?

Serenity Cove is a totally fictional town. Although the town shows similarities with Southern California, where I live, the stories are not set in Southern California. Serenity Cove also holds a slight resemblance to some of the areas in Maui, where my husband I enjoy vacationing. Serenity Cove is not set it in any specific location. And I really enjoy hearing from people who view the town's location as being, Southern California, the Oregon Coast, Northern California and even the New England area. I'm glad that readers view the town in a way that makes it real and place it in the location of their choice. Maybe one day I'll have a contest and see just where it should end up being located. That would be fun!

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