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Rita's Bio

Rita Garcia is the author of the popular Serenity Cove Series. She writes  small town, sweet romance with stories that warm the heart. Her characters charm and enchant her readers. 

Rita is a wife, mom, devoted grandmother, animal lover, and avid rose gardener.

Two of the sweetest fur babies (rescues) add much love and joy to her home. 

A favorite pastime is relaxing and spending time in the garden babying her roses, with her fur babies’ help, of course.   

If you want to be transported to the beach—barefoot across the warm sand—view magical sunrises and sunsets, inhale the delicious aroma of Julia’s cinnamon rolls—you’ll fall in love with these stories, filled with beach friends, love, and the enchantment of a lamplit boardwalk winding along the shore.  


Her Story

Born into a family of readers, Rita had never known a time she wasn’t reading or making up stories. Her imagination created stories when she was still too young to put pen to paper. In the next stage, Rita wrote stories, illustrating them with crayon drawings. She later found these stories among her mother’s things, treasured the way only a parent would do.  

Her next writing adventure was for a local newspaper, where she wrote a weekly inspirational column. Much later in life, Rita published her first novel, Kaleidoscope Summer, set in Serenity Cove. Serenity Cove became one of the characters in her stories. One of the comments she hears most often is: “I want to live in Serenity Cove.” Her books are published in over a dozen countries, including Australia, Germany, England, and Canada.

Rita holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Her training as a psychologist is reflected in her novels in the character, Dr. Ellie. Readers have commented on how her sage advice has helped them. Always amazing how God takes a story and uses it in ways the writer never imagines.

Slip Into Paradise with Rita’s novels.

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