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Sweet Insta Love Romance
Serenity Cove Series - Book 1
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Welcome to Serenity Cove, where everyone knows your name, and your love life is the hottest topic at Julia’s coffee shop.​


A family secret coming to light shatters the world I knew, my search for truth rampant with desire and danger.​


With my hearing dog, Goldie, I travel to Serenity Cove, to settle my birth-mother’s estate and seek a connection to the mother who gave me up for adoption. Almost instantly, Serenity Cove feels like home, with its quaint atmosphere and charming people.  

When Logan shows up, I feel something I’ve never felt about a stranger before. Even after I move into the apartment above the bookshop, the police chief keeps showing up to check on me. It takes no time at all to realize he could be my safe place to fall, especially when my grandparents refuse to acknowledge me.   


But danger lurks around the corner, and someone wants me out of Serenity Cove. Is it something in my past or present that has me in the crosshairs? While I’m tempted to escape to my hometown, I can’t bring myself to leave, even when Logan’s protective nature feels stifling.


Perhaps the biggest lesson to learn is whether my biological family wants a relationship with me or not—I have a home here filled with love.


Can I take a stand, proving I belong in Serenity Cove? If you love Sweet Small Town Romance, then you’ll love Kaleidoscope Summer. Buy your copy today. 

What Reader's are saying! 

crazymammaw says: "This was a very good book . I've been reading it all day to finish it. It's a clean book, no bad words or anything. One of the best I've read lately. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it like I did. I also had got the 2nd book so I will start it tomorrow. Then if as good as this one I might be able to get the 3rd one when get enough money."


Julie says: "I really enjoyed Kaleidoscope Summer. Rita has a great community, strong characters, sweet romance, curious mystery, and a storyline about loss, adoption, fear, and acceptance that kept me turning the pages."


Nancy says: "I can only agree with the other reviews with a few exclamation points added. I read Kaleidoscope Summer in one day (something Ihaven't done in a very long time). And, I'll read it again - just to enjoy the amazing panorama of beauty Rita weaves into her story. She's a master painter with her words. Once you step in to Serenity Cove, you won't want to leave. The characters are original and interesting with the depth of issues that will keep you reading until they reach their resolution. I'm on my way to my shopping cart to order the sequel, Tangerine Morning - Jezzica's Story (Volume Two of the Serenity Cove series.) I can't wait to feast my eyes again on this lovely coastal town!"

Serenity Cove Series
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