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Emerald Mist
A Kindred Spirits Romance
Serenity Cove Series - Book 5


A young Irish woman is about to find her roots in America. Will she lose her heart along the way?

Aisling has always dreamed of venturing away from her small fishing village in Ireland to see America. While she’d always envisioned exploring sprawling cities, she’s not about to turn down the tickets her mother left her for Serenity Cove.

A chance meeting near the covered bridge scares ten years off her life when a handsome stranger comments about how perfect the location would be to lure an unsuspecting victim. Still, she can’t help but be drawn to Shane’s air of confidence and those eyes the color of a perfectly aged Irish whiskey.

There couldn’t be a more perfect temporary home than the old captain’s home, standing watch over the sea for more than a century. Even when The Lady in White appears before her, Aisling can’t help but feel at ease among the overgrown weeds and withered plants.

When a storm rages, tossing boats throughout the harbor, Shane is left without a place to stay. With the town’s inn fully booked, Aisling offers him shelter.

The Woman in White has been wandering the widow’s walk for almost one hundred years, waiting for her captain to return. Will Aisling and Shane help her find peace by filling the house with love once again?

Find out. Buy your copy today.

What Reader's Are Saying
Marilyn says: I think author, Rita Garcia, has done a fabulous job of weaving the characters and story lines around Serenity Cove in a way that makes the pages turn all too quickly! Each book is readable as a stand-alone book, but as you get deeper into this series you identify with the characters from previous reads. I am only about half way through Emerald Mist and am loving it! Especially the descriptive details in Chapter 2. Enjoy and share this series with your friends. Love, love, love them all! Congratulations Rita on another fun book and best wishes on the next one! 

Brenda says: I did not want Emerald Mist to end. Absolutely loved it. What's next?  

Julie says: Emerald Mist brings Aisling from Cobh, Ireland, to Serenity Cove in the US to meet her cousin, Maggie, and start a new life. Emerald Mist has everything I love about a clean romance---wonderful characters, a beautiful setting, strong secondary characters, and this even has a mystery to unravel. You will not be disappointed. Although this stands alone, I also recommend the series.
Serenity Cove Series
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