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Sweet Seasons

Later Life Friends to Lovers Romance

Serenity Cove Series - Book 4
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Pete Dog

Having experienced the loss of a spouse, friends become lovers in this later in life romance. 


Following the death of her husband, Julia receives an offer to become the pastry chef at Sea Crest Inn. A pillar of Serenity Cove, there’s never a shortage of friendship and camaraderie in her free time. 


Nicholas’s life is falling apart following the death of his wife. When his son suggests he move to Serenity Cove, it’s the opportunity for the fresh start he needs. 


As Julia and Nicholas strike up a friendship, he’s spending less time with his family and more time at the inn, much to the chagrin of his daughter-in-law. No matter how jealous Julia may be of Nicholas having a family who loves him, she’ll never do anything to come between them. 


As the pair grows closer, they’ll have to overcome their own ideas and beliefs about what a life together would look like. Their take-charge personalities clash, coming to a head right as they’re letting everyone important to them know they’ve found love again. 

Start reading Sweet Seasons to see if Julia and Nicholas can overcome their obstacles to find a compromise that will allow them a second chance at happily-ever-after.

What Reader's Are Saying!
Dee says: "The author has such a way with words.....and brings her characters to life! I was so enthralled with the story and rode a roller coaster the whole way through. I laughed, I cried, I held my breath, I was proud, I was heartbroken, and at times even a little angry. But, the whole time the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen next kept my eyes glued to the pages. This of course, was Rita Garcia’s fourth in the series, plus her two most recent Christmas stories. Now, I start on Christmas Future, and I already know when it’s over I am going to miss Serenity Cove so much! You’ve got love, romance, suspense, and friendship all wrapped up in this story. Get to know the characters by reading the previous three if you won’t be sorry...guaranteed!"

Amazon Customer says: "Rita Garcia's characters come to life and draw you into their world. She writes beautifully, with a style that is engaging."

Leann says: I enjoyed reading Julia's story which reflected the character of grace. Julia is resilient and her loving spirit changes the lives of people around her. It was refreshing to read a story that shared the inner struggles of a 'seasoned' woman and love after loss. A wonderful light read. Wonderfully done!
Serenity Cove Series
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